Moments later Nick captured the photo above as his back was turned to the table with the Jenny Wade mannequin.  Jenn should be on his left however she is not seen at all because of the black mist.  This also was taken in pitch black.

The photo above was taken by Nick in the basement of the JENNY WADE HOUSE.    You can see Jenn in Jenny Wades fathers chair.  Toward the back wall is a table with a Jenny Wade mannequin as her body was brought down here and put on a table when she was shot and killed.  In the left corner a black mist is forming.  This photo was taken in pitch black. 

The photo above was taken in the attic of the WINSLOW HOUSE.  Nick was alone at the time as Jenn had just gone down the stairs.  Nick lingered behind and caught this video of the shadow figure which can be seen on the right of the picture running toward the left.  A few seconds later we caught an EVP saying "You'll get bit".  The figure looks like a child in height. 

Nick took this photo above at SACHS BRIDGE in Gettysburg, PA.  You can see what looks to be a soldier.  The outline of his face, hairline, eyes, nose, chin, white shirt and blue jacket.  We tried to debunk this as being something off in the distance but there is nothing but water on both sides of the bridge.  The nearest tree was too far off and with this photo being taken at night the flash distance is limited.

Taken at White Hill Mansion in the attic.  This red blur on the left matches what Nick saw downstairs.  Jenn took this photo and at the time nobody was wearing any red and there was nobody to her left.

Jenn took this video of a shadow figure at BOLTON MANSION walking out to see what we were doing and then walking back to where it came from.  Nick was snapping photos down the hall and standing still.  This debunks the possibility of casting a shadow.  In the footage you can see a human shape and the legs moving.

This was captured  at the HINSDALE HOUSE on the SLS Kinect Cam. This figure climbed down from the ceiling to sit in this chair for us. 

This photo was taken by Maryann at EASTERN STATE PENITENTIARY.  Note that this was taken in pure darkness, the light is behind the operating spotlight.  You can also see that its in front of the wall.

One of our investigators had a negative dream about being led into a satanic place and woke up with this unexplained mark on her neck.  

This picture was taken during an intense ghostbox session at ST JOSEPHS HOSPITAL where we got the words "shes coming" and "fire".  Right after this happened the investigator started yelling that both of his arms were on fire.  This is a picture showing the red marks after he was attacked.

After an investigation at multiple stops in GETTYSBURG, one of our investigators started feeling a pain on her upper back.  The result were these 3 hive looking marks.  These were not mosquito bites because she was covered up with a jacket and didnt have her back exposed.  The following day she still had these marks and still had pain in these spots.